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Do you like peace of mind? We do, as well. We could be saying that we’re bringing complex security services for your site’s data (and by extension, also your business’ data in most cases) but we took a liking to just saying that Safelly is simply a recipe for tranquility of your evenings. You focus on managing your firm, website or blog. We focus on letting no one disturb you in this.

We’ve written a lot of smart things as to why and how our product can secure your data, you can read them HERE. But first, let us introduce ourselves

Jakub Król

The brains behind all this ruckus. Programmer, entrepreneur and also online security and privacy activist.
Laureate of many national and international prizes, including medals at Brussels Innova, but also in Paris, Seoul, Moscow. Laureate of Innovations Olympics. Several times crowned Young Leader of Silesian Technological Innovations.
Find him on LinkedIn.

Robert Partyka

Programmer not only by trade, but also by heart. Started writing his first programs when he was ten. Has been successfully leading his business since ‘99. Most of his professional life has been spent on promoting the idea of FLOSS environment. Speaker and instructor. His passion is primarily creative solutions in terms of new technologies.

Mateusz Wyciślik

Marketing manager and growth hacker. Probably haven’t written a single line of code in his lifetime, so if programmers frighten you, he’s your go-to guy.
He cares about most trivial stuff – being the man responsible for Safelly taking over the Universe.
Most of his time is spent taking care of success in the digital marketing channels, but sometimes you can see him as a speaker or lecturer during industry events.
Find him on LinkedIn.