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Error allowing SQL Injection in the WP Fastest Cache plugin

The WP Fastest Cache plugin is very often used when creating pages in WordPress, in order to speed up the loading of the subpages. There are currently over 500,000 active installations of the plugin.

The problem

Recently, it turned out that the plugin in versions up to has a critical error, allowing to execute unauthorized code on the database. In theory, this can lead to data theft and even removal of the page content.

What to do

It is necessary to update the plugin to version as soon as possible, which is now secure.

More about SQL Injection

We wrote about how the SQL Injection works on the occasion of another error of this type.

Remember that in the event of a change or removal of the page by these or other attacks it is worth having a backup. It should be an automatic copy in which you can easily find the place of attack and quickly recover a working version of the site, such as we do for example at Safelly.


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