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Do you use WordPress? Perhaps it requires urgent manual update!

Note: Automatic updates may have stopped working on your WordPress!

Earlier this week, WordPress released an update, including improved safety, marked as 4.9.3. Unfortunately, this version introduced another error, which in many pages could have corrupted subsequent automatic updates.

What are the consequences?

If the error appeared on your site, which has been updated to version 4.9.3, but is not updated to 4.9.4 then you may never automatically get another WordPress updates. This also applies to security patches, and so errors that affect all owners of websites based on WordPress or WooCommerce (an example of such a security error appeared in mid-January and we wrote about it here [in Polish]).

The consequence is the possibility of exposing to mass attacks, carried out by cyber criminals, in order to obtain data, insert unauthorized content or turn the page off.

How can I check if the problem concerns me?

Log in to your WordPress and look at the Dashboard -> Updates tab. As of today, it should look like this:

If you see version 4.9.3 here – it means that the problem concerns you – go to the next paragraph. If you see version 4.9.4 or higher, the update system is good.

Fortunately, the problem does not apply to everyone, and some of the hosters have introduced the WordPress update themselves.

How to deal with this?

If the automatic update could not be performed, you must do it manually now. For this purpose:

Log in to your WordPress and go to the Dashboard -> Updates tab. Click on Update now and wait until the end of the installation.

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