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How does work? How to install, how notification and retrieval works?

Check this short video and find out!

How many sites can I secure with one packet?

Cheapest solution is intended for an owner of one site. Other packets let you secure more websites; details here.

For how long do you keep a copy of my site?

All data is being kept for as long as your account is active.
We keep all iterations of your files and bases for how long your account type lets us – shortest being thirty days.
Example: you updated a file year ago and your account lets us keep data for thirty days – the file is still existent in it’s form.
Example: you updated a file year ago, half a year ago and a month ago, and your account has history tracking for half a year – this means your files exists in it’s half-a-year ago form and one-month-ago form.

Will I get a VAT for Safelly subscription?


Can I buy Safelly as a private person?

Unfortunately, no. Right now we’re only selling to business entities.

Will my backups be encrypted?

Yes, all backups and data kept by Safelly are encrypted. Your confidential data will stay that way.

Does Safelly have a WordPress plugin?

Yes. You just install it, and your site is protected.

Does Safelly have a Joomla, Prestashop or any other CMS system plugin?

We’re working on it! Soon those systems will have an easy-to-install plugin as well.

You still can protect sites using those systems – you need to install Safelly manually, which can be done in 15 minutes.

Can my site be secured with Safelly?

Right now we serve sites made with PHP and potentially MySQL/MariaDb.

Most hosting sites work fine. There are some instances where our plugin could not work properly (because of insufficient user permissions for example). If you’re experiencing difficulty installing – contact us through chat or e-mail and we’ll gladly help.

You can’t protect sites which aren’t located on your hosting or server – sites like blogspot or tumblr blogs.

How do you calculate space used by a site?

Data is kept in an encrypted form and with additional information. Considering this, the space used up by a file on Safelly is usually about 50-100% bigger than an original file. Take this into your consideration while calculating how much space will your website take up.

How will I know that something’s wrong with my site?

We constantly monitor and analyze data and contact you as soon as we’ve seen something fishy going on.

Thanks to the convenient file comparison tool you’ll easily detect any unwanted changes on your site. If something like this happens, you just retrieve a version from before those changes with just one click!

How can I retrieve changed or lost data?

Data can be retrieved with one click. By default, in a few minutes your whole site will be working just as it did in the version you want to retrieve.

You can adjust settings, for example to retrieve the site at night, when there’s least visitors.

Remember, that data retrieval is dependent on numerous factors. If you want to make sure everything goes smoothly, you should regularly make a test retrieval, preceded by a manual backup.

Can I download a file, a base or a whole backup from previous version?

Yes. You can not only retrieve all your data, but also manually download it. It can be done on any given point in time, where your files exist on our servers.

Any questions?